PHPbb Problem

Alright, i’m as green as they come when mysql and databases are involved but I figured common sense (and well written instructions) could guide me through the installation. So here are the steps i took, and here is what happened.

First off from what i know, i assumed i had to make a new database, hostname, and user/pass. So I went through the following steps:

  1. [add new database] > made the database forum001
  2. [add user] > set username / password
  3. [add mysql hostname] > set to
  4. [upload phpbb] > uploaded all folders and files into the folder /forum
  5. [change chmod on config.php (per instruction)] > set to 666
  6. [went to my install/install.php] put in this information:

Default board language: English
Database Type: MySQL 3.x
Install method: Install
Database Hostname:
Database name: forum001
Database Username: username
Database Password: password
Admin Email:
Server Port: 80
Script path /forum/
Admin Username: Admin
Admin Password: Pass
Admin Pass [confirm] Pass

  1. [start install] > hit start install

  2. [error loads} >
    phpBB : Critical Error
    Could not connect to the database

So what did I do wrong that i’m not connecting to my database?

hmmm i just tried going to the via the “phpmyadmin” interface, but i’m just coming up with a “The page cannot be displayed” error. Is it possible that the hostname hasn’t been set up yet?

For Database Type, you need to use MYSQL 4.x, not 3.x. Try that and try again.

The problem is this: you had set the db username before the db hostname.

Set the hostname first. Then wait for the webpanel to show it’s status turn from “changed” to “active”. Usually it takes 30 mins to an hour. So take a break, have a cup of coffee.

When it’s status is “active”, then you can create usernames and passwords to access the db.