PHPBB over conueries limit

I’ve found that my PHPBB forum is a conueries hog. I prune it often, but it still easily goes over the limit. Does anyone know if there are any ways to reduce the conueries usage?

5 mil plan (going to 10 mil but that is still not enough). approx 10,000 articles
a little over 300 users

Is there a configuration option to use persistent connections, and if so, is it enabled?

We used to discourage the use of mysql_pconnect, but I think the issues that were causing problems with it have been solved.

Also, is the board really busy? I.e., are you making so many connections and queries because of how the board is written, or because the board is popular (or a combination of the two)?

I don’t use PHPBB, so I’m not sure if this tip is helpful, but I’ve found on my forum software that disabling some of the unnecessary extras (things like user tracking, clicklogs, weekly statistics, etc) lightens the conuery load somewhat. I suppose if the software was very well written it wouldn’t make much difference, but it did seem to for me.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I’ve always wondered how many conueries various software uses, but have never been able to make a good guess without installing it and letting users have at it–not good if it’s too resource intensive.

So if you don’t mind, for reference, could you tell us how many posts your board sees per day? It’d also be interesting if you knew how many of those users are active (ie posting every day or three) and/or about how many pages your BB is generating; total numbers aren’t necessarily indicitive of traffic.

In the case of my YaBBSE forum, with an average of about 150 posts per day, 3000 pages generated per day, and probably four dozen active members, it’s hovering around 4.5M conueries/month. That’s out of 1200 registered members and 26K posts, though, so traffic is obviously a lot lower than the theoretical “size” numbers would indicate. I am wondering how this compares to other forum software, though.

will: I am not sure about why the conueries are high. It is my first implementation of a forum.

I just enabled persistent connections so let’s see what happens.

Makosuke: Stats says there are an average of 107 posts a day. There are a approx 25 users who are actively posting everyday. We do have a lot of guests views - but the program does not keep track of this - there may be a mod to track this. We’ve been deleting topics and posts to try to keep the conueries down so we are not sure of the total posts posted, but right now the forum is at 14,300. Seems like your board is more efficient, but I am very happy with the features and ease of use of phpbb.