phpBB on multiple domains

I have three related (and, hopefully, straightforward) questions about installing phpBB on multiple domains.

Using the Easy option, I have to specify in a text field where I want the forum to be (e.g. forum.mydomain1). Can I run the Easy install twice and create forum.mydomain1 and forum.mydomain2 and have two completely independent forums?

Using the Advanced one-click installation of phpBB, I have to choose from a drop-down of my domains. Does this mean I can install it to mydomain1, then install it on mydomain2 and have two completely independent forums?

Can I mix-and-match Easy and Advanced phpBB installations on different domains?


For both domains you should really use the “advanced” install. The easy install is very limited. The entire install would be managed by dreamhost. You would not be able to install any additional themes or plug-ind/extensions. Sometimes I think DH should get rid of easy installs entirely. Especially since it basically just does the same thing as

Anyway, sorry for the tangent. To answer your question you should use the advanced one click install one domain at a time, under two different users. That would fit most definitions of “completely independent”. They would be two different forums. I recommended using two different users for security and management reasons. It makes life easier if if one form gets exploited or something.

Thanks for the reply; very useful.

One thing I don’t get… when you say “two different users”, I’m not sure what you mean by a “user”. I have a hosting account with several domains, so I would have thought that there’s only one user in this context i.e. me. But I guess that’s not what you mean.

Could you clarify, please?

(Thanks again for the advice so far.)

Sure, there are different types of users on a hosting system. You are already familiar with the panel user. What I am referring to is the user account on the web server. That user goes by many different names (Web user, FTP user, Shell user) Basically it is the user that you would log into if you wanted to upload, edit, or otherwise add files to your domain. The one click install can create a new user account for each forum, or you can manage both domains under one user. While using the same user for both domains can be convenient, having separate accounts with separate passwords per domain is better from a security standpoint. So, if someone manages to exploit, they shouldn’t automatically have access to (Although an attacker could still exploit each domain independently). This is also better from a organizational standpoint.

You control which user a domain is run by visiting and clicking edit under the hosting column. Then change the “Run this domain under the user” field, if needed and clicking the change settings button. Wait about 5 minutes to be safe and then proceed with the advanced one click install one domain at a time.

The same rules apply for the MySQL users. A MySQL user if different from a web user. MySQL is a database that contains the backed data for for your forums (threads, posts, forum users, etc) Just keep the configure MySQL database automatically box checked. It will handle this for you.

I hope this helped to clear up your confusion. If you have any other questions, let me know :wink:

That’s great. All cleared up now.

Thanks for such a detailed and clear reply.

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I think he meant “Sure.” But if you prefer “Sue,” we can go with that.

Indeed I did. Sorry for the confusion :smiley:

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Does the new user exist on ?

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