Phpbb mySQL database size limits?


I am looking for a new server to host my website.

The main part of my website is a phpbb forum with a database ~200-400MB in size. Some other shared hosting sites do not allow the phpbb mySQL db to be this large.

Does Dreamhost have any policy about this?


The database disk usage counts towards the total disk space of the plan:

~200-400 MB will be no problem as the disk space on the cheapest plan starts at 20 GB.


A good question though. It is also important to note that DH hosts their mySQL databases remotely - so if that is an issue for you (perhaps slightly longer load times) then I just want to make sure you know. This is something that took me by surpirse when I signed up a couple of months ago.



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That may be an issue - depending on how long the load times actually are. If anyone could point me in the direction of some example websites with phpbb forums hosted on dreamhost shared servers, it would be most appreciated.


The limits are on the total disk space you use. I haven’t seen limits set at the level you are asking for any of the plans.

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It should be noted that you will not be able to restore a DB of this size using PHPMyAdmin, due to PHP being configured for a max of 5MB (7MB?) uploads.

You will however be able to restore the DB via SSH.


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Well, Let me explain you little about Databases in DreamHost.

Yes, you can have a database of 200-400 MB with DreamHost, even you can host 30 phbb forums on single hosting plan if you want, but your CPU resources must not be exceeded 60 Minutes per day.
It depends upon your forum traffic.

CPU minutes is the time Server takes for a php page to be generate.

Hopefully done.

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Thank you MR_X2 - that is very useful info.

Anyone have an educated guess on how many CPU seconds a phpbb “view thread” request (for example) would take?


Why not just get an account, try it out and see - you have a 9 day guarantee. You could try even larger db’s.

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Woops, a little typo there. it’s a 97 day money back thing.

If you’ve got the money to put out, go ahead and sign up and test things out. It’s hard to say how much CPu time a single hit takes. Reporting isn’t that specific. I think that the big hogs are things like searches across the entire forum from past to present. Also that info at the bottom of the index about how many people are on-line and all - that the type of thing takes up your resources.



Thanks for catching that. Yes I meant 97 days. Darn volleyball injury to a finger… :frowning:

What plan is best for you? Compare from this list and select the best plan