phpBB: Missing "New Topic" button (permission issue?)



I have recently installed a phpBB3 forum, and am finding all sort of problems with its configuration. I don’t even seem to be able to post to any forums, as the New Topic button disappears on logging in!

Permissions seem to be a major issue, as I cannot understand how to set them globally, so that (for example) Administrators have all permissions set to YES everywhere, Registered users have (modified) standard access everywhere etc.

Can anybody help?

Many thanks!


It is a pain in the …, in the beginning. I just started a week ago and had the same problem.
Best is to go to and read there in the forums.
They have excellent help files and all, just do a search and read.


Thank you for replying. I have spent hours browsing the documentation, KB and forums at, and have come up empty handed. Haven’t even been able to subscribe to their forums, so I suspect this might be a major bug in the latest release - and I was hoping someone here could offer specific advice…