Phpbb Message board

In regards to the recent mention of the Yabb! message boards, I’ve been checking out other options. I ran across ’ phpbb ’ , which are attractive, functional boards.

What I’m wondering is if the staff can tell me if it would be a process/bandwidth-hog like Yabb! or not. I want to install it instead of the boards I currently have, but I wanted to go ahead and check first.


Hey there!

phpbb is actually the recommended replacement for Yabb!

I think there’s been a lot of talk about it already in these boards… try a search for it to see what people have said so far!


Excellent! Now I have begun the process of installing phpBB and I can’t figure out some information.

I went into the Control Panel and set up a new MySQL database called ’ rnpost ’ . I gave it a username and password. Then I went to fill in the information in phpBB setup:

Database Server Hostname / DSN: localhost
Your Database Name: rnpost
Database Username: ***** (same one entered earlier)
Database Password: ***** (same one entered earlier)

I tried variations with the Hostname, such as ’ ', ’ mySQL ', etc. Provided that I didn’t screw up the username and passwords, anybody have suggestions on what to enter in the first two fields?


did you add a MySQL hostname from the panel? did you add a database from the panel? you need to do this first; then specify the correct hostname and database name in the configuration file.