PHPBB mass email failure

According to the Knowledge Base:

“I’d like to recommend that all phpbb sites running on Dreamhost be configured to use an SMTP account for mass mailing, via the configuration page. Otherwise, if you have over 40 members on your site, Dreamhost’s “spam blocker” will bounce your messages…”

I tried this and it doesn’t seem to work. I get the following error:

Ran into problems sending Mail. Response: 550 : User unknown

User unknown?? I don’t get it. I set up the SMTP server with the same user and password that works with my outlook express email program just fine.

Is there a way around this??

Thanks for any help out there.

I get the same error… and I double checked the user and password for smtp access as well.

Anyone get around this issue?

Okay guys… IT works after trying to debug with Our Dreamhost STAFF.

Dreamhost technical support is the best I have seen in my life so far.

I send a request, after minutes they reply. Even if it is in the morning or at night!

Dreamhost set a spam limit for the mail servers…
The only way you can gain access to smtp is to contact dreamhost giving them a valid reaosn why they should increase your limit. Once you follow proper procedures they will allow you.

Anohter difficulty that happened with me was that It still didn’t work. So in PHPBB you have to enter the dreamhost Smtp server !

After looking at the WIKI page in dreamhost which is excellent… You have to place your dreamhost account…
and your shell account that dreamhost allowed!

Thats all it all worked!! excellently!!

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I’m glad you managed to resolve your problem. That’s always good news. Feel free to add any useful information to the DreamHost wiki regarding this issue, so that the next person who has this problem gets an easier time of it.

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