Phpbb login not working some links too

i successfully installed phpbb on a subdomain. i was able to add categories just fine and logged out. then thought of a change i wanted, so went back to the forum and now, cannot login. i am certain that i am entering correct user name and password. if i wasn’t, it would give me an error message.
what happens is, i get a page cannot be displayed.

while at the forum not logged in, i can click on all the links…faq, search, memberlist, usergroups…but i also get a page not displayed when i click on the links - profile and - login to check your messages.

any advice ?


i have been hoping for a post. support has literally been ignoring my plea for help. i have been waiting for hours and to get this resolved. it would really appreciate some input.

i installed a phpbb forum via one click install to my subdomain
it appeared to have installed normally. i added categories and logged out. now i cannot log back in. when i enter my admin name and password, i am redirected to a page cannot be displayed.
in so many words, support told me it would be more trouble to them to investigate, i should re-install the forum, which i did. i created a new database and hostname as well.
the new forum looked good too and i was able to enter a few categories. i then logged out and i have been lock out since.
i gave support my user name and password and was told everything looked on the up and up. so i asked but did they actually try to log in ? of course i asked that question many hours ago and do not know if they ever tried to log in.

anyway i have looked on this forum and others for people having a similar problem. outside this forum there are questions close to this one and the suggestion is delete cookies in my browser.

also, when i log in and it takes me the page not displayed, if i go back to the forum it will say i am logged in. i can see the admin panel, but when i click on that i get the page not displayed again

any thoughts ?

i added another user name to the forum and i cannot log in under that info either.


Well, of course I have no way to test it as an “admin” user, but I did:

  1. Create a new account

  2. Log in

  3. look around

  4. Log out

  5. Log in again

…and repeat. It all worked properly for me.

As I can’t recreate the error, and can’t see what you are seeing, I don’t know what to tell you.


I’m pretty certain your problem is due to the ‘cookie domain’ configuration setting. I had a similar problem a while back with my own site. It sounds like your cookie domain is ‘out of sync’ with your subdomain so when you browse your site, the cookie isn’t being recognised. You can edit manually from the phpbb_config table if you cannot log in at the moment.

Basically, your cookie domain must match your site’s domain. If your forum is then the cookie is (notice leading period)

SQL to update would be:

UPDATE phpbb_config SET config_value = ‘’ WHERE config_name = ‘cookie_domain’ LIMIT 1;

UPDATE phpbb_config SET config_value = ‘’ WHERE config_name = ‘server_name’ LIMIT 1;

Thanks to all the posts.