PHPBB Large Restore

I’m trying to restore a database from my old provider, but the backup file is 9MB and times out when I attempt to restore it via the phpbb utility.

I’m told that there is a command line way to restore a database. I have shell access, but my knowledge is limited enough that I fear doing something I shouldn’t. Is anybody out here well-versed enough to tell me how the restore would be done?

Have a search via Google for restoring using SSH.
here is one such example.
You can see the mysql instructions in the last paragraph. You will need to add in the hostname option -h together with the -p and -u option like :-
mysql -h[hostname] -u[username] -p[password] [databasename] < [backupfilename.sql] With no spaces between the -h -u -p and their hostname/username/password data.


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There is also a wiki article Migrate Mysql That will tell you how to import via the command line.

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Thanks guys. The transfer seems to have worked pretty well. At least I got no error messages from the command line.

Unfortunately, I’ve gotten a few errors which I suspect have to do with my backup being an older version of php. They were easy enough to fix by manually adding the fields that were causing the errors. Hopefully it’s smooth sailing now. :slight_smile: