PHPBB issues

Ok I need help. I installed the PHPBB and all that was good. I logged in and then logged into the adminstartive control panel. Was changing everything around and was kicked out. Now when I try to sign back into the acp it keeps asking for the password, I’ll enter the correct one and it just keeps coming back. So I do forgot password and enter that info, it then tells me that The e-mail/username information submitted could not be found, how is that I was just in it. Well I asked phpbb to help, they told me to reinstall it, but I can’t even delete it of my subdomain. Whenever I try to do anything with this subdomain it tell me that its invalid link. What the heck is going on? I’m new at all this and I’m so frustrated. Any help would be great.

You should be able to delete it from the panel here under One-Click installs. Check the Manage Installed section.