Phpbb issue with activation link


I have just recently installed PHP-Nuke to my newly purchased webhost. I got that working with MySQL and stuff and then I started tinkering with building a phpbb forum. I have a forum setup, and everything works for the most part. But to further explain my issue as best I can I am going to break it down in the most simple way I can.

Ok. Initially I edited the files I needed to for PHP-Nuke, namely config.php. Then I proceeded with uploading all the files to my website with my ftp. I uploaded them to the websites root and they were inside a folder labeled “html” so “root/html” was their location. Now with them in this location typing in the name of the website lets just say “” would not access the index which was stored at “”. So with my basic knowledge of html and how things like this may work. I then copied all the files in the “html” folder to the root as a test to see if I had them in the wrong location. So index.php was now located at “”. This fixed the issue with it not finding the index. Now… to the real issue I am having with phpbb. I am really unsure of what causes it but when someone registers the activation link has an error inside it.

I am going to paste an example here:

Now the problem is it says 404 not found, buuuut if I changed it and take out the “html/index.php/” it works just fine. I don’t know what I need to do to either make the link that is sent work or to make the link sent exclude that part. Any suggestions would be great.

Also, if this was in one of your resources I’m sorry I missed it. I only glanced over them because I was in a hurry.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

– Shadowsgleam

Nvm, Fixed it :smiley: