PhpBB is very slow (non-responsive)


I have an account on fresca machine and just set up a phpbb forum from one-click-installs panel.

Forum is here:
The problem is, it takes extremely long time to generate. Almost two seconds for login page and over 4 seconds for a mere frontpage with list of subforums (the forum itself is practically empty). What’s wrong? Such pages should generate under half a second.

After setting up vanilla forum I’ve added only one extension - categories hierarchy - and I don’t think it has impact on speed (have seen more responsive forums with this and many other extensions).

Other two problems, but related only to phpbb and not dreamhost:

  1. Newly registered users - actually all registered users - can’t see the contents of forum, after logging they can read “there are no boards” on the frontpage. How can I make everything visible to every existing & new user?
  2. Newly registered users can’t have avatars unless I (as forum admin) manually enter each user’s preferences and enable having avatars. How to do it forum-wide?

It all is down to one thing: where in phpbb 2.0.21 administration panel is the bloody panel with user management? The “user admin” category looks like this:
User Admin (category, non-clickable)
Bots management
Prune users
Ban Control
Disallow names

works fast when I just went there
almost instant

Yeah, I’ve installed a vanilla phpbb and after some time it works great :slight_smile:

So the one PHPBB extension you had installed previously (categories hierarchy) was slowing things down?


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Yeah, your site is pretty fast as it is.

I’ve installed the mod again and it still works perfectly.
I can’t tell if this has to do with phpBB available with one-click install or with temporary problems with fresca’s performance. I’d bet on second possibility, one-click-install phpbb seems to be same as downloaded vanilla one.

By the way, Dreamhost rocks :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks for the info. I intend to use PHPBB for a project in the near future and just wanted to be aware of any possible ‘gotchas’ in advance.


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