Phpbb is slow

I did the one click install of the phpbb forum and I have four users. It clicks along fine but once in a while it will sit there for a few minutes before something happens.

Is this a Dreamhost thing? Or phpbb?

Likely a Dreamhost thing.

I assume you’re on a shared server. Sometimes when one or more of the users that share your box do something heavy it will impact your performance.

How do I know if I’m on a shared server or not? I guess it costs more to be on a dedicated one, huh?

Exactly! If you were on a dedicated server, you would know it.

Any of the regular plans at Dreamhost are on shared servers.

Still strange though. I or any user can be clicking away, reading and posting. Then after about a minute or two of use, it will sit there for 4-5 minutes before anything happens. I can understand a second or two delay, but 4-5 minutes is just unreal.