PHPBB Installation

I am already hosted wordpress site have domain which is fine

Now i tried to installat PHPBB one click in subdomain

I want to make some changes in PHPBB pages, i did not able to see where the file is loaded for PHPBB.

Could you please confirm, where are the files located.

Thanks for help.

If you did the Easy one-click, you don’t have access to the files. You need to do the Advanced one-click to be able to FTP in and look at your files.


is there any way that I can access file created by easy install

would like to ask you, if I go with advance, how I should point to
where abc is parent domain.

Do i required additional subdomain?

In Panel:

Domains > Manage Domains > Add New Domain

Type in the top field and select the user who will be maintaining it (or create a new user for the task).

Setup a database for the forum to use via:
Goodies > Manage MySQL > Create a new MySQL database

Then proceed with the One-Click Advanced Install.

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I am not able to create a subdomain

I want to intalle phpbb Forum within forum

subdomain i am passing is

it gives me en error
Can’t add domain: already in our DNS system

how can resolve it

You can delete within Panel from Domains > Manage Domains

After it’s deleted, wait 10 minutes and then add it again :slight_smile:

Once that’s done you can install phpBB into by going to Goodies > One-Click Installs > Advanced Mode and follow the instructions.

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i am not seeing any entry in Manage Domains

Is there any way for you to check for me.

Not without Panel access I’m afraid.

You could contact Support and tell them what has happened and they’ll fix it.

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thanks , I have already raise a ticket , hope i will get some node.

meanwhile would like to check with you,

if i go with advance options,

how phpbb should be accesible from

where should be file located.

It’s not showing up in the Panel under Domains because it was an Easy One-Click. You’ll have to go to the Panel and delete that installation:
Goodies -> Modify/Remove previously installed software (easy)


After you follow Scott’s instructions you should be able to add using Manage Domains.

During the Advanced One-Click Installation you can select from the dropdown list provided.

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need additional help

I installe successfully can be accessible

it is accessible at

how to get the site at

Go to the panel again: Domains -> Manage Domains
Now click Edit in the Web Hosting column, and you’ll get the screen with your Fully Hosted settings. Right above the Google logos you can tell it to Add WWW, Remove WWW, or use both. Select Remove WWW and then save.