phpBB - install test


I’m VERY desperate for help here. I have been struggling with a MOD for phpBB that is not working correctly. Is anyone willing to help find the culprit?

I did the 1-click install of phpBB, so php is running as cgi. Then I installed the auction MOD ( according to instructions. My problem is that in direct-sell auctions, the “Bid Now” field is showing up - since it’s a direct sell auction, there is obviously no need to bid now.

Sooooo… could someone try this phpBB install and MOD install to see if you get the same problem? I realise this is a lot to ask, but hopefully someone else may have a reason to use this MOD.

If so, please install phpBB using DH’s 1-click install. Then go here: to get the new-install-auction-MOD zip. Then simply create a direct sell auction and see if you get the bid field.

I’ll owe you one! Please help! Pulling my hair out…

Nevermind! The MOD author forgot how his MOD worked and misinformed me.