phpBB install problems

The DB has been created and the install script is ready to go. I cannot figure out what database name to give the phpBB install script. It is asking for:
Your Database Name:

What value is this loooking for?

When you create a MySQL database name in your control panel, you have four values to create: db name, db hostname, db username, and db password.

You want to use what you specified as db name.

If you’re doing the one-click install, you have the option of choosing an existing db or having the process create a new one (at which time you have to specify the four above values).

The option to have one created was used. The following values were used:
db name: famforum
db hostname: famforum

The db name is entered, the username and password. Is there a certain DB type that should be chosen? Different error messages are received based on whether MySQL 3.x or 4.x is selected.

It should probably be in the form of:

db name: famforum
db hostname:

done, I just realized I did not change the host name.

thx for the quick replies