phpBB install problem?

Well … I’ve done this before, but I’m having problems now. I can’t get the databse to connect?

I have a few questions and just want anyone to make sure I’m doing this right?

Database type: MySQL3.x or MySQL4.x/5.x?

Database Server Hostname / DSN: (look right?)

I’ve got the database name/username/password down.

Domain Name:
Server Port: 80
Script path: /

What out of all that isn’t right?

Ok … I followed every direction to the letter, could it be that I’m trying to early to do this? I just got the domain registered today, should I wait until tomorrow to finish it up?

Choose MySQL 4/5. isn’t connecting – did you create that under the Goodies - MySQL section of the panel? If not, you’ll need to do that first. If you created it when you did the phpBB installation, it might not be up yet. You’ll know it is when you can go to and get prompted for your user name and password.

I’m also assuming you created it as – and that you’re not assuming mysql.domain is a preset (you can make it whatever you want).

DB name, user & pass are whatever you pick when you create the DB.

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