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the most basic of functions elude me
How do I FTP into my domain?


you’ll need an FTP client. Check out filezilla - it’s a free one and works very well.

There’s a few basic settings that you’ll need to connect up to your site throuhg FTP. But it’s simple. You’ll just put in your url and then the user name and pass that’s associated with the domain.

Hope that helps.



When you signed up, you would have received an email that contained the username and password for logging into FTP. You will need an FTP client, such as SmartFTP. Once your domain has propagated around the web, you will be able to connect to your domain name using that username and password, and then simply drag your files from your local machine to the web server.

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And if filezilla can not connect 24hrs or so after I set up my domain? I figure A) I set something up wrong
B) I am inpatient and need to wait for dreamhost to set things up?

If it is the later what exactly am I waiting on. It says my domain is active under the dreamhost control panel.


If the domain is new, while the DH control panel “knows” about it, the DNS has probably not fully propagated through the various zones on the net. 24 hours would be pretty quick; you should generally allow 72 hours or so, though you may well find it will work in 48 hours or so.



thanks your answer along with a quick wikipedia of what DNS is made it clear


You are more than welcome.