PHPBB help

Hello all, Im new to PHPBB. I have a bulletin board hosted with another host and would like to trasfer everything over to Dreamhost. Can anyone help me do this? I need step by steo directions if possible… How do I do this without any downtime on the board?

Can anyone help with this? I have tried to so a database restore in plain and GZip formats. Nothing will work to update the database. I downloaded the database using MySQL and it will not reload it because the file is bigger than 10 Meg…

You’ll need to restore it via the command line/shell.

See the Kbase:

[quote]To restore your database from a backup:
Take that db dump and do:
cat filename.sql | mysql -uusername -ppassword -h yourMySQLHostname dbname
You may also need to check phpBB versions, to make sure your current databse is compatible with your new phpBB.