Hi all,

Just taking the first steps of setting up my website and was hoping to include a forum. I was planning to use YABB until I read that DH discourages it, I really don’t want my services shut down so I’m looking into using the suggested PHPBB.

Does anyone have any experience of setting up PHPBB on their DH account? I’m slightly confused by the “make sure you have your database set up” before installing. V. Confusing, can anyone tell me how easy it is to install and customise?

All advice appreciated.

i believe it’s only some versions of YABB that are problematic - see past discussions in this forum for more information.

we certainly wouldn’t shut down your service for using a forum that we don’t recommend. it is, however, good that you’re considerate of our sleep schedules, and the other customers on your machine.

as far as making sure your database is setup, this means that you will need to add a MySQL database through the web admin panel before starting. they may also want you to import a table structure, depending on how the forum works.

i hope that this is helpful - perhaps someone who has setup this forum before can give more specific advice.

As far as I know it’s only the flat-file version of YaBB that’s a problem; I’ve been using the PHP/MySQL YaBBSE for a while now without incident. If you were looking into YaBB, perhaps you should at least check out YaBBSE (it’s actually got a lot more features than the original YaBB, too). There’s more info in past threads, and you can check the site (down earlier today) out at:

I’ve set up two phpbb forums (tiny, specialized) and the setup is point-and-click trivial. Use the DH panel (Goodies tab) to add a MySql db: give it a name; create a hostname; create a user with a password, WRITE ALL THE NAMES DOWN AS YOU GO, and then plug in the various names when requested during phpbb installation. The panel makes it trivial to set up. All phpbb cares is that the db exists and is empty (I don’t think it even has to be emtpy, but since I don’t understand it, I don’t push it :-). Give the panel a few minutes after creation before you try to install phpbb. If it blows up, the simplest thing a newbie like me can do is just DELETE the db and start over. (You can actually edit the database using myphpadmin or some such, but frankly, it’s just as easy to start over…it takes about three minutes to create a new db. Um, I’m on Sweet Dreams…your account may vary.)

Have fun.

Thanks for the advice haggis. I was hoping that the set-up was as easy as that, the only other question I have is it says in the documentation that u need to know the MySQL version and I couldn’t see where on the web admin panel it told u this. Do u need to know what specfic version is used?

Nope. It needs to be a supported version (and DH’s is) - I just accepted defaults picked by the install script.

Cheers for the all the advice everyone. I’ll have a go setting it up on Saturday - I’ll let u know how I get on.