phpBB FTP help


ok so I’ve got to the part in my installation of phpBB where I need to delete, move, or rename the install directory, I’ve also installed Filezilla and got it to connect to my website and can click on two separate folders. The only problem is that in everything I’ve seen talking about the directory everyone says there should be a folder named after my website only there isn’t any folder like that. I’ve even looked at the FTP using Dreamhost and the two same folders show up but there’s no folder named after my site.

What do I do now? Is there any way to fix this? Or will I have to do a new install of phpBB?


when you go to manage domains it will show the user the domain name is running under. is that the same user you are using to log in via ftp?


I’ve been using both the user the domain name is under and a second one I created that is a Shell account. When I try to login with the first one I keep getting 530 Login incorrect even though I KNOW I’m typing in the correct info while the second one I’m able to login with but it only shows two folders on called Maildir and the other called logs


each domain is run under a specific user and cannot access files of another user. if you want to use the second user you created to manage the domain name you need to edit the domain and select the other user for it. if you cannot log in with the first user account apparently something is wrong. go to manage users and change the password for it. be advised it can take more than 5 minutes for the change to kick in.

also when/if you change the setting to have the domain run under your second user, the files are just copied over. this means that the first user will still have the domain folder but if you edit files in it, it will not show up on the web. you would have to edit the files under the second user since you changed it. you may as well delete the folder from the first user if you do switch.