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When is dreamhost going to upgrade the new phpbb software to phpbb rc1 in the goodies section?

Just wondering? No big deal.


Normally, DreamHost will not update software until the “final release” stage. Alphas, betas, and release candidates are not a good idea in this sort of environment.

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I don’t understand why PHPbb bareback installation is offered, while it;s probably the worst and least secure forum script available , and also least Search engine friendly…

Even with many plugins and disabling so many things i keep struggling to keep spammers of my phpbb forum…

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I feel that. phpBB 3 (“olympus” or w/e they are calling it) looks really nice, but I am thinking about changing over to another forum. I have been talking to some people who said that the upgrade installations are totally blind, so any modifications you have made on your phpBB 2 forum will be totally lost when you upgrade. That practically takes away the whole point of it being open source.

Another forum I am looking into is Simple Machines.

The only mod that will be supported is the attachment mod as that will be included as part of the core code. The upgrade does not have to support any other mod, it would be almost impossible to support all of them.
This has nothing to do with open source. Open source just means that you can edit the source code to your liking, but if you change it like creating a mod, there is no way the authors of phpbb would know what code you changed.
Hope that makes sense.

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I’ve been running another SMF forum as well. It’s pretty nice!

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Might also look at

I really hope that DH adopts it for one-click at some point. It is based around Wordpress, very nice bulletin board.

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One way around the upgrade issue is to use the patch file. Using that will update the files with the new code while not overwriting your mods. The thing is that sometimes mods change the files enough the patch can’t apply and then you have to do it manually. It’s worth looking into anyways.

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I know this topic is basically dead, but incase somebody is interested, somebody from SMF directed me to this website:, it’s very useful for comparing the features to find which one is best for what you want to do.