Phpbb forum

hello i just signed up with hosting from dreamhost and i am haveing some trouble. I just uploaded a phpbb forum to my website and it says. Please put in your mysql database name and database user and database password well i do all that and i hit “install” and it says cannot connect to database am i doing something wrong. like heres a example of what i am typeing in:
Database Server Hostname / DSN: localhost
Your Database Name: example
Database Username: example
Database Password: example
Prefix for tables in database: phpbb_

and in my controlpanel i made a database and a user do i need to make anything else?
Thanks Xeo

Have you set up a db under Goodies and mySql? It takes about an hour to acivate.
Hope this helps.

He said he already setup a db. :stuck_out_tongue:

Make sure that you also setup a hostname for your db. So it will be like this

db name: example
username: example
password: example

Just setup your hostname in the same place that you setup your db username. It will be in subdomain form.

Also be aware that when you create a new database, it can take about an hour to become accessible. So if you create a database and then try to install your script right away, it usually won’t work. Set up the database, wait an hour, and then install.