phpBB Forum Installation

I’m having trouble installing the forum on my site as I don’t know the database settings. - Can somebody help me with this please.

It’s the username and password that I’m having trouble with.

Go to

You’ll see your DB listed there, with a ‘users with access’ column. If you click on that name, it’ll take you to a page where you can grab the password :slight_smile:

Once installed, it then comes up with:

“Please delete, move or rename the install directory before you use your board. If this directory is still present, only the Administration Control Panel (ACP) will be accessible.”

Follow its directions: log in to the FTP account which the forum is under and delete, move, or rename the directory named “install”.

I cannot log in to it. I tried it just name and it came up with invalid user in a red box.

Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong to log in and how to do it right please!

To log in to the forum you’ll need to use the administrator name and password that you set up during installation.

To remove the install directory you’ll need to log in via SFTP and delete or rename it.

My problem is not being able to log into the FTP. I can log into the forum ok but I need to get into the FTP to delete the files.