phpBB forum: "be sure there are no files there now"

I want to do the one-click install of a forum (phpBB) to my website hosted
here at Dreamhost. As I begin the one-click install,
I am asked to select one of my domains. The choice I want to make is there, (though I don’t need or use the “www” part; ie I simply use

Two questions:

  1. There is a caution statement below the domain selection boxes,
    which says “be sure there are no files there now”. This is what has me concerned because my entire website - all the html files and subdirectories are under I don’t want to accidentally cause everything to get written over and lost.
    I am GUESSING that the answer to my second question will resolve
    my concerns …

  2. There is a second box on the same line as the domain name
    and there is a slash / between the first and second box. I am GUESSING that I need to put something in that box, which will then become the subdirectory where the one-click install phpBB files will all go. So should I just enter something like “forum” in that box after the slash? And if I do that will all the phpBB go into and it won’t clobber - write over -
    all my html pages and such in my main directory (

I think I understand it correctly - but I just want to make sure, that’s all.


Given what you’re describing, YES, you want to enter “forum” in that box so that it’ll install to a subdirectory.

The installer won’t destroy any existing files if there’s already stuff in the directory you specify. But that’s because it’ll refuse to go forward with the install at all!

Thank you!

Okay, now I’m faced with having to fill in details I know nothing about:
How do I get these bits of information:

The Database Type - the database you will be using.
The Database server hostname or DSN - the address of the database server.
The Database server port - the port of the database server (most of the time this is not needed).
The Database name - the name of the database on the server.
The Database username and Database password - the login data to access the database.


[quote="HamGal, "]

I see that the info I need came in an email from Dreamhost!
I’ll see if I can complete the install now…
Looks like the install went okay.
Now I just have to learn how to change the time-zone
and get familiar with using the thing.