phpBB error

I backed up my phpBB database & files tonight and was testing something out with the photo album.

I disable the boards while I was doing it and now I cannot “un” disable them. I can log in. I have gone in the admin control panel and it says the boards ARE enabled. I even went to mysql and it shows them enabled.

But as you can see, when you go to the boards it says they boards are not available at this time. I restored older databases and even they give the same message. Then I reuploaded the back up files, but STILL I get the message.

I have all of the current phpBB boards and mods. I have tried to enable, disable the boards via the admin panel and mysql. I have dumped the database and restored an older one. I have deleted every single file and restored them.

I have almost 50,000 posts on that board. No one at phpBB can seem to figure out what is wrong.

Does anyone have any clue? So far, I have spent 6 hours trying to figure this out. Im dying here.

It’s a while since I modded for phpBB but try going to the config table on your db and searching for something with board/forum/closed in it. Try and find the row and value that says if the board is closed.

After downloading it, the value you are looking for is board_closed and should be set to 0.

Try turning gzip off as well.

EDIT: A quick a dirty way to stop the message is go to the end of common.php and comment out these lines
if( $board_config[‘board_disable’] && !defined(“IN_ADMIN”) && !defined(“IN_LOGIN”) )
message_die(GENERAL_MESSAGE, ‘Board_disable’, ‘Information’);

how strange.

Yes the database already was set to 0 & gzip was already turned off.

Your quick and dirty trick did work, however…and i DO appreciate the tip as the boards are at least online…

but hmmmmmmm…what is causing this…sadly, not even the phpBB people can tell me.

Maybe there is another row with the same value. If there aren’t keys on the table it will allow duplicate values. Try looking for duplicate values.
You aren’t referencing a test db is another thing you should look for. If you do things offline and then transfer the files online, and forget to change settings perhaps?

Yes, I used an online test database & yes I changed the values to the new site in the database.