phpBB databases messed up, how to fix?


Hello all!
I must have made some blunder along the way. I have two one-click installed phpBB forums, and they seem to have some problems. For instance, you can’t edit your signature; there’s a database problem when you sign out; there are problems when registering as a new user…

I have not manually “hacked” the database, but I suspect that some of the one-click upgrades to newer versions might be involved. At any rate, it appears to me that there is a mismatch between the PHP code and the database table definitions: the code is expecting table fields that aren’t there, and that sort of thing.

To figure out the extent of the problem, I have created a new subdomain and installed a new one-click phpBB forum there. Then I compared the DB table definitions with those of the already installed phpBB and indeed found several mismatches. I did that by logging into phpmyadmin and exporting both databases, then comparing the exports in a side-by-side plain-text comparison tool named Beyond Compare 2.

My question is this:

How can I bring these differences back into order? I am afraid of messing with the “live” DB because I might break it a lot more. I would like to just install a new phpBB (as I just did) and somehow import the DATA from the old one into the new one, thereby just getting the data but not the problems. Is there a way to do something like that?

Your helpful comments are MUCH appreciated!!

  • TorbenGB