Phpbb database

I’m not sure whether this is a phpbb2 problem or a mysql problem. But I’ll start here.

I recently installed phpbb2, latest available version. Did not have any problems except couln’t use ‘localhost’ had to use my sql database. Everything appears to be working properly.

However, when I run phpMyAdmin (provided by DreamHost) and select my database, I see an Error on the bottom of the screen. It says “the additional Featuresw for working with linked Tables have been deactivated.” When I check the “look here” link, I get “PMA Database . . . not OK. General relation features disabled.” I am not a mysql guru so going beyond that pithy message does nothing for me.

Since everything seems to be working properly, I wouldn’t mess with this except I am not shown the option to backup the database.

Can anyone help me? I sure hope I don’t have to re-install because I have setup a bunch of forums.


you can backup your database from the ‘export’ tab along the top, dump the structure and data to a file from there


Actually this error is a feature in phpMyAdmin that DreamHost has not presently turned on. If you look at other databases you have setup, you will see that error on them as well. To properly backup your phpBB2 database use the built in backup feature in phpBB; under the admin function area.

I sent an email to DreamHost admins a couple of months ago to see when they will turn on this feature inside of phpMyAdmin, they said that they are looking into this and should implement it soon; if there is a need by the customers (us). Hope this helps.


Thanks to everyone for their prompt help. I have phpBB installed on another host and phpMyAdmin shows a backup option in the main screen for the database. I found a backup option in the Admin panel for phpBB2, but it is nice to know there is also one under Export in case I set up another table.

On the topic of backing up (and restoring) phpbb dbs: does anyone know the DH PHP setting for upload_max_filesize? I have an 8mb phpBB db I may need to upload. I hear that phpBB commonly times out when restoring through the admin panel if upload_max_filesize is exceeded. Will I need to split this db manually? Can anyone recommend a db splitter? rfsplitter makes an output file the same size as my input file :slight_smile:

upload_max_filesize is 7M on any machine I’ve seen

post_max_size is normally 8M


Thank you. Missed it by THAT >< much :slight_smile: The more I think about it, if I’ve got shell access I guess it would be nuts to bother with the phpMyAdmin gui anyway since I could presumably just retore it by command line instead. Google ahoy…

voila, thanks for thinking out loud :wink: Can’t believe that didn’t cross my mind, feel quite dumb now thanks.