phpBB database backups

I operate a phpBB and would like to make a full back up of my database. I then would like to store it off site.

How do I go about creating and downloading my D/B?

You can use the database backup utility of phpbb. Log into your ACP (admin control panel) and along the left there’s a database tab I think. That will help you export the database and prompt you to download it.

Alternatily, you can use phpmyadmin to make a backup (just type in the host name for your database in a browser) or you can even do it through telnet/ssh (check out the K-base for help on that one.)


Thanks mattail

It is my understandidng that the process through the ACP is not a full complete backup. That is why I was looking at an alternative.

Can I make a backup through my Dreamhost web panel?

I’m pretty sure (almost positive) that the ACP backs up the full database. Seems to me that there are a few options, but you can select a full database backup.

Now, the database doesn’t store all the information from your forum - if you were to move to a different host than DH, you’d need more than the mysql backup to restore your forum. You’ll also want to use FTP to download the entire forum directory. That way you get smilies, MOD’s, etc.

As for the seconed part of your question, there’s no way to backup your databae through the panel. You’ll have to either log into phpmyadmin and backup from there (search the forum for more specific instructions, I know this came up a few weeks ago) OR you can log into telnet/shh (like a ms-dos box) and backup the database, then use ftp to download the backup. Search the K-base for more info on how to do that.


TY - I will B/U through the ACP as I have been.

I use phpmyadmin – use the export tab to dump the entire db to a file locally. I figured this way I’m familiar with phpmyadmin come the day I need to import it back in.