phpBB : Critical Error

“Could not connect to the database” upon attempting to install forum. Tried to set up a different database, but no go on either one. I have successfully installed the new program on our main domain; it’s one of our subdomains which previously hosted SolidClient’s forum (I missed the support notice and our entire archive got wiped out-ugh) – that is the one experiencing this difficulty. Insights & advice? TIA & Happy Memorial Day to the US members.

Can you connect to the database via Phpmyadmin? It may be that the database had simply not gotten entirley set up hwen you tried to install.

You should be able to connect to the database now, so test to see if you can get phpmyadmin by navigating to your host name in a internet browser. If that works then your isntall should be good to go.

If not, and it’s been more than 2 hours since you set up the datbase then something has gone wrong. You can either delete the datbase and put it in again to see if that works, or contact support and see what’s up.


Thanks for the reply, matttail. No, I am unable connect to, although I can get to install.php, which then sends me to the Critical Error message. I set up three different databases (main domain and sub) yesterday, thinking that there had been a failure of some kind or that it had to do with setting up the program on a subdomain. The phpBB files show up in two of the designated folders (one main, one sub); a second main one is still empty after 24 hours, more or less.

Just wondering, how many databases are we allowed to create and how does one go about deleting them? Also, can one database be used for multiple programs? I’ve been creating a unique DB each time I need one to set up something new on the domain. Newbie here. Thanks again. HAND-pda

Thanks again! Support found a connection to the database somehow and did the installation for me. Never did find out what the problem was and now after a full day of tweaking the forum – the admin panel is nowhere to be accessed!

I really hope this isn’t the same glitch that kept me from initiating contact with the database in the first place. I had no problem whatsoever installing another instance of phpBB a few weeks back, but it all caught up with me on the latest attempts! Any suggestions for locating the admin panel to get back to work on my board? TIA-pda

P.S. Does the presence of a database (i.e., the one for my SolidForum) mean that all my data is still backed up somewhere and all I need is a solid client to access the archives? I misunderstood the memo to mean that the forum would still be accessible as installed, but support would no longer be available from DH. Suddenly, I’m getting strange messages on my forum site and everything seems to have vanished into thin air. Sad day for a novice domain master, to be sure. TTFN and Happy Winds-day, Eeyore ~