Phpbb confusion


I did the one-click install for phpbb and now I’m lost. I can’t see where the forum files are hosted (note: I did the “easy” install ;). I’ve read the boards and phpbb site and it seems to indicate that the forum is hosting on dreamhost, but I don’t see it. When I go to Manage Domains–then webftp to the domain I attached the forum to—no files.

I noticed an early user with the same problem, but didn’t find the resolution. btw, I do not see any “subdomain” button to check when viewing my domains.

Sorry if this is confusing. Please ask clarification questions if you can help!

Many thanks,

The ‘Easy’ mode of the One-Clicks use a common core on a separate server. As such, any updates that are done on that server are automatically applied across the board onto all Easy One-Clicks in one swoop. The downside of this is you don’t have access to the files for adding themese, plugins, etc.

If you want the ability to edit stuff, choose PHPBB’s ‘Advanced’ One-Click counterpart.

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Perfect! I mistook the “easy” install for the “it’ll be obvious” install! I can see everything I want now.

Thanks a ton.