Phpbb: changing from easy one-click to advanced

I had an “easy” one-click phpbb forum on my site that I wanted to change to an “advanced” install (to play around with themes!).

I removed my “easy” install forum and created a new “advanced” phpbb forum pointing to the database from my old easy-install forum. However, the new forum doesn’t have any of the old forum’s data – no users, no posts.

What did I do wrong? What should I have done?

Most importantly… can I still get my old forum data back? ):

Can you manually browse your old database? Point to your browser to, or whatever the hostname is for your database, and poke around. It’s quite likely that the old database uses a table prefix you’ll need to set for your new phpBB.

And if that still doesn’t work, then contact Support. They can give you more insight into your database.

Thanks – that was the issue! The old phpbb used a different table prefix; the solution was going to the config file for the new phpbb and changing the prefix to match the old one.

Big sigh of relief~