phpBB automatic upgrades

This is probably a silly question to ask, but the wiki and one-click install pages don’t make this clear; I’m curious to know exactly the process is for automatic phpBB upgrades? I’ve noticed that v3.0.8 is now out, and am eager to know when I can upgrade to this?

I created the forum using the easy option since I don’t really require any custom content, but it isn’t listed in the manage/delete list as with a wiki that I set-up more recently, does this mean that it won’t be upgraded and that I’ll have to do it manually?

Support needs to grab the update, then make it one-click friendly. Their speed on this depends on their workload and the criticality of the upgrade.

Are we e-mailed when it’s done? In the mean time I’ve just switched over to advanced to do it myself, as I remembered some changes I did make that may affect an automatic update.

I’m thinking the wiki could be clarified with a bit more information though so that one-click install users know what’s happening with their software, or in my case what was going to happen. phpBB I think is especially confusing as the board itself tells admin users when it’s out of date, but there’s no indication in the one-click site that an update is pending.

It might be an idea to have the queue of one-click updates exposed somehow so we can get at least a tentative estimate of when it’ll be available. In my case I just opted to move forward and do it myself as the phpBB update has something to do with cross-site scripting vulnerabilities for boards that allow posting of Flash content, which my board needs to allow.