Phpbb and MySQL

Recently, I’ve moved a venerable old forum I’ve been administrator of for a while now to my drivespace on Dreamhost. I’ve chosen a different format… namely, PHPBB, a forum program I’m sure you may be familiar with. It has been running a few days now.

I’m sure you are also familiar with the generic MYSQL error: “PHP Critical Error : Cannot connect to database”.

Here’s my delimma: The error pops up sporadically for both myself and my forum users. It seems completely random… the only common thread is the fact that there is an attempt to access MYSQL.

Believing that somehow my MYSQL data was corrupted somehow, I dropped all the tables and re-installed phpbb. Aside from the necessary configuring, I’ve refrained from adding any modifications or editing any PHP files. Still, this changed nothing.

I’ve communicated my delimma to the phpbb website, and they seem to believe that the problem must be on Dreamhost’s end… and I have to agree, though I’m definitely not a MySQL guru. When the error appears, it persists for several minutes, then appears to vanish, and the forum works great… until the next time the error randomly appears once again… no specific action made by me or any of my users seem to trigger it; it’s completely random!

I’m completely at a loss in what this might be, and even how to troubleshoot it! Any suggestions would be very appreciated!

Well, Dreamhost solved the problem. They weren’t specific as to what caused it, but just for completion’s sake, I’ve included thier mass e-mail below. Thanks Guys!!!

Posted: Jul 30th, 2002 - 12:28:48 PM PST (2 hours 18 mins ago)

Some of you may have been having problems connecting to your databases
intermittently since at least last night and possibly longer. We have
identified a problem with one of our databases and believe we have
resolved the connections issue at this time. We will continue to monitor

the situation throughout the day. Please contact us as soon as possible
if you experience any further problems connecting to your database

Happy DreamHost Database Team