phpBB and Media Player




Is there some code I can use in a phpBB post which will display DH’s media player for an MP3 song?




Hi Mus, nice to see you again.

I think you can do that by enabling HTML tags of your PHPBB forum. Log in to the control panel with your admin account and check PHPBB settings.

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It would be wise to only allow html for admins.



Thanks for the replies.

My forum is a very small private one for about 15 musician friends. I don’t think any of them would know how to cause damage unless they could do it inadvertently?

I enabled HTML but does anyone know what code would do it?

I entered the code starting with

<script type="text/javascript" etc. but it didn't do anything but show the code. Alternatively I was looking at phpBB mods. Thanks M


Hopefully you can embed it as an Object.



Yep, excellent idea.

How do I do that?

I Googled and tried a few things but can’t get it to work.

Many thanks



Which version of phpBB are you using?


The DH one-click 2.0.22.

As a side issue, would I be better off on 3?




I’d leave that entirely in the realm of personal opinion. Try both and decide for yourself :wink:

Log into Administration on your board and click Configuration.
About halfway down there’s a switch and a field for you to set “Allowed HTML tags”.
eg: b,u,i,s,pre,br,img,center,embed,acronym,sup,sub…

Note that allowing embedding can be considered a risk.
There are mods for phpBB2 that allow “Admins Only” the ability to post HTML.


OK, thanks very much.

Can someone explain the security risk please? Is it something that someone would have to deliberately & maliciously exploit?

Like I say this is a very small private password-protected forum. I’m not expecting hostility.


Allowing HTML in posts enables malicious users to use tags to do things from warping the thread they’re posting in using table commands to embedding code (into flash files for example) in hopes the code will run on the viewer’s PC. I’ve allowed embedding on a popular board for years and had no ill effects but you should remain aware that it is possible.


OK, thanks for the info.