Phpbb and cpu

I would like to run a plain vanilla install of phpbb on Dreamhost servers. I’m aware of the 60 minute/day cpu limit. About how many registered users and currently online users would this allow for in your rough estimation? I would disable mod_gzip, uploading. Thanks for any response.

I’d recommend against running PhpBB. It’s had several security issues as of late, and there’s several other BB packages that can handle everything of the average PhpBB users.

My recommendation would be to look at PunBB, as it tends to be very lightweight on resources as well as blazing quick.

Or get a commercial bb - not sure which is best though.

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I think as long as you didn’t have over 500 active users or so you’d be OK. If you got bigger than that you could afford to get more robust hosting.



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Invision Power Board is quite powerful, but I am not sure if it’s CPU utilisation is any better than the free alternatives.


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