PhPBB and Conueries

Anyone have any experience with PhPBB and how well they do with Dreamhost’s concept of conueries? I’m planning on moving a site over that can streak up to several hundred hits per day, and was mainly curious about how PhPBB handles connections. eg. Does it create one connection per user session, or does it manage all user sessions with one active connection to the database?


One connection per user…

I’m not sure how it’s done with phpBB but try and set it to use mysql_pconnect (persistent connection to the database) or it’ll make a new connection each time a user navigates to a new page…

So dreamhost is okay with people using persistent connections?

This phpbb forum is for one of my clients:

It’s a pretty active forum, and they use around 2 million conueries each month.

I hope that helps!

Yep, they encourage it…

Heres something else on phpbb:-

I use an invision board on my site, switched over from mysql_connect to mysql_pconnect and there was a noticable drop in conueries.

Any performance difference Madbob? Sorry about the IPB derail, but I just converted from phpBB to Invision. I seem to be OK on conueries but am always searching for any performance improvements. I found the persistent=“0” option in /sources/drivers/mysql driver, but the other connect information in that file doesn’t match my db so I’m wondering if the persistent connection is enabled in a different file?

I never really noticed much difference speed wise… but it did use a lot less conueries.

The /sources/Drivers/mysql.php file is the correct place to change it, the rest of the values in that file are used only if they haven’t been specified in the conf_global.php file.

Is IPB more conueries efficient than phpBB?

IPB has more features so probably uses up a few more conueries…

Also depends on how you set it up… there are setting to save some mysql queries in IPB.

Thanks, Madbob, for getting back to me. I’ll have a fiddle with IPB and see.