PhpBB Advanced install problem

I added a new domain and have the dns pointing to dreamhost. I went to add phpBB advanced mode because I want to be able to change the theme and customize things.

I went to one click advanced install and I have a few problems.

  1. It asks me to create a new host name, which appears to be a subdomain of the domain. I want this to be on my main site, not a subdomain, so I put in ‘www’ but not sure if that is correct.

  2. I filled out the rest of the info and named the database after the site name, and told it to install and then it gave me a error.

The error is that I already have a database by that name, but when I go to the database management it says I have no databases at all.

What is it I am doing wrong? Would it just be easier for me to download it from the official site and install it myself?


There should be an Install to: followed by a dropdown list where you choose the location in which to install.

Name it something like domain_phpbb3.

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When I put in www for the new domain host it says:

You’re already using “(your site)” for a database (or website)

I really don’t want to install to a sub domain.

Changing the name of the database worked, which was helpful thanks.

Still need to figure out the ‘Create a New Hostname:’ part.

Any ideas?


It’s creating a valid address to find your database (ala ‘localhost’), not creating a subdomain.

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