Phpbb 404 errors

Hello all, I just went through the process of setting up phpbb 2.0.8 on my site. I am able to do all the administration, but none of the actual forum topics are available. I keep gettign 404 errors when I click on them. Memberslist, Usergroups, Register and Profile are also broken. The forum is located at Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Dr Awkward.

While I have no idea how to fix your problem I did notice in the DCB Discussions you misspelled Discussions as Disucssions…lol I know it’s not much but hey every little bit helps :slight_smile:

at the risk of sounding smart arse, upload the files that are missing :wink:


Thanks Jdunn, That’ll teach me to rush through things.

Not at all Jason. Thanks for the sanity check. I was a little bleary-eyed at 3:00am this morning. I copied the rest of the files up to the site and now the forum seems to be working fine.

The lesson learned here is don’t try to push the forum files with FrontPage. It didn’t copy all the files, but didn’t complain about it either. I verified all the other directories with CuteFTP and everything seems copasetic now. Thanks a bunch!

bleary indeed, 404 means it ain’t there! =D

glad you got it taken care of