Phpbb 3.06


Is there an ETA on when Dreamhost Panel will have the new PHPBB 3.06 ready for install?


I’ve never seen Support give ETA on a software update unless they’re in the process of rolling it out.


Yeah, I already checked with them. Seems the “big move” is causing all sorts of delays and stuff. :s

[color=#CC6600][b]> When will the phpBB update that was released on the 17th of November

[quote]be available via One-Click?


Unfortunately we don’t have an ETA on this, but it is noted in our
internal system that the update is available and needs to be updated.[/b][/color]

It would appear that the wait is over. 3.0.6 is available in the One-Clicks section.



Is the One Click version you provide more or less the same as what is provided by download from PHPBB’s site? Your version is 3.0.6 and theirs is 3.0.7 from what I can see.
Will I have enough flexibility to create a very large forum?

I am a non-programming but determined guy (with technical aptitude) who would like to set up a forum. I would like to host the forum with my dreamhost account, but own the domain on 1&1.
Will the easy-click PHP system do just fine for this?


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I don’t work here, but the One-Click is indistinguishable from what’s downloaded except there might be more themes and plugins with the One-Click. I haven’t checked in a while. What makes the One-Click special is the DreamHost upgrade system, which preserves most of changes you’ve made in your system (with the exception of modding core components of the base install).

The only limitation you’ll face is how much a busy forum puts on the server. If your site is really popular, you might have to migrate over to a private server account which gives you a bigger chunk of computing resources.

The One-Click is as good as any other installation method for phpBB, and is usually pretty up to date. For your 1&1 domain registration, you just need to tell it to use the DreamHost DNS servers.

{edit} I was thinking of the Advanced One-Click setup as I typed this. I only see disadvantages to the Easy One-Click system in that you can’t expand themes and plugins. The Easy system is hosted on another server and I doubt you’ll get more horsepower there than on your own shared server account. The Advanced One-Click can be set to auto-upgrade your software when Supports rolls out the update.