Phpbb 2.21 Forum With PHP 5


I am going to sign up with Dreamhost. phpbb 2 forum requires php 4 to be installed. However, I intended to use PHP 5 so that I could use the latest version of MediaWiki.

If you installed PHP 5 instead of PHP 4, do you encounter any problem when using phpbb 2.21 at Dreamhost?


The one-click page in the Panel says phpBB (v2.0.21) uses PHP 4 or 5, and Mediawiki uses PHP 5 only; according to that, both should work with PHP 5. (No guarantee from me)

They recently hired more support help.
DreamHost Customers wiki And Forum

The support page of the site lists the requirement as PHP version 4.0.3 and above, so it should be fine with PHP 5.


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I am using version 2.0.19 with version 5 and don’t really see any problems. I did have an issue with the attachment mod, but never did find out the cause.

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