I am trying to get PHP_ADS_NEW [ad server software] running om my Dreamhost Account. I run this software on three other web sites, not hosted with DH, successfully. The program is writing to the DB just fine, except two fields; both that have to do with the image that is loaded into the DB “Image FileName” and “Image URL”. I did notice in the Wiki that DH has an extra security something that sometimes prohibits image files from uploading. Thought I had the issue fixed by shutting this feature off, but that didnt work. I’m missing something, probably simple, to make this program work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Are you using PHP5? I have heard that this application requires register_long_arrays to be enabled, and the default PHP5 setup has it disabled.

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That was it.

Thanks a million!

The new version of openads (phpadsnew) should now work on php5

  • 2006-11-16: Fixed file uploading with PHP5 and register_long_arrays disabled (Matteo)