phpAdsNew? new "security" release



A new version addressing several security issues was just released.


phpAdsNew and phpPgAds 2.0.8 were released to fix multiple vulnerabilities that were recently discovered. The major changes and fixes are:

  • Fixed HTML injection and XSS in the login form and banner delivery;
  • Improved compatibility with MySQL 5 running in strict SQL modes;
  • Updated the documentation adding PDF bookmarks and a new licensing model.

Every user is urged to upgrade!

The release contains also some other bug fixes and improvements: see the changelog for more details.[/color]

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The fixes were also included the most recent CVS build of MMM.

Zen, have you had any luck with XML-RPC delivery on DH? I think they removed the XML lib from php5 during the most recent upgrade and you have to use the PEAR lib one included with MMM or PAN. I’m getting all kinds of errors and hope I don’t have to compile PHP with XML libs for each website I run :frowning:
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Sorry but I can’t help, I don’t even use it. Just found that on a security related site and thought it would be usefull to put it here. It’s a nice app, I played with it a few months ago.

Did you ever used the one DH sugests instead of phpAdNews? I can’t recall the name of it but it’s around here somewhere…

Save $96 dollars when you sign up! -> 96DISCOUNT :wink: