PhpAdmin only shows some DBs

I can only see about half of my existing DBs with PHPadmin!
When I use the “Manage MySQL” “goodie” tool via Control Panel they all show up (and they all exist on the same server) plus I can still call them from my php scripts on my sites. But I can’t seem to “get” to them via PHPAdmin.
Any ideas, suggestions?

PhpMyAdmin only displays dbs for the user as whom you are logged in…are there other db users for the “missing” databases?


Oh, I see. It’s a bit misleading because looking at that CP page it lists the server name with a link to PHPadmin, plus all (my) db’s below it, so I thought that link would give me access to all the listed db’s. So after your suggestion I went to PHPadmin, logged out, then logged back in using the specific id/pwd for a db in question, and there it was!

Lesson learned, thank you!

No problem! It is a little non-intuitive until you understand how DreamHost sets up your hosts as aliases. I’m glad you got it sorted.! :slight_smile: