PHP7 available for Ubuntu 14.04 instance?

I want a LAMP stack, but I would much prefer PHP7 (mainly for performance reasons). I’m aware of the LAMP installation here ( but it is PHP5.

Any way to easily get PHP7 installed? If not on Ubuntu, than what about any other OSes? I can do it manually, but I am looking for an easy / packaged way like your LAMP tutorial above.


Ubuntu 16.04 packages PHP7 and it’s an LTS, so I see no problem with that.

Remember that the servers you start on DreamHost Cloud are like a server you would configure and install on your computer at home after downloading the operating system from the internet: same thing. You can use the packages provided by the distribution, you can compile the software yourself, build your own packages… anything you do on your own hardware can be done on the virtual servers.

Thank you!