PHP5 needed

would like to ask whether the server is not equipped with php5. my wordpress (blog platform) need a program which is running on php5 only.

how to upgrade my mySQL?

PHP5 is installed, and can be set in the panel under Domains -> Manage Domains. Click Edit in the Web Hosting domain column and make sure it’s a PHP 5 version.

What’s wrong with your MySQL? The wiki says that 4.1 is installed.


my problem is:
i installed a wordpress system for my blog. now there is a plugin script needs PHP5 to run. can i simply change the database to php5 and nothing danger to the blog information?

PHP5 isn’t a database. It’s the scripting language for website content.

You can switch right over to PHP5 in the panel, and WordPress will probably be happier. I’ve done this on several sites. In fact, I’ve had to revert back to PHP4 in a couple of cases (not WordPress) where my software wasn’t PHP5 compatible and there was no loss of data.