Php5, gallery 2 and large files


Hi all. I need to allow my members to upload large video and image files, sometimes up to 20 or more MB. I have followed the advice here and compiled my own php5. Have edited the php.ini file to show 50 mb upload limit. But the file does not seem to update on DH.

Did I do the right thing by using php5? If not how do I remove it and install php4 instead?

And does anyone know how to force the system to use MY php.ini file?

TIA, Will


Where are you seeing this? That’s your first indication something is wrong.

If you’re using phpinfo() and your changes to your php.ini file, make sure you’re using YOUR PHP (look at the install flags, ini location, etc). Your PHP should have the INI location set to something like /home//php/lib/php.ini


Hi, thanks for the reply.

I see the php.ini file via FTP in:

This was where I found the default file after compiling php5. Should it be here or somewhere else…?

And the reason I think the new .ini file is not being used is that the new file should show an upload limit of 36mb, but 8mb is shown, which is the default on DH

Thanks, Will


What is when you do a phpinfo(); where does it state it’s looking for the ini file?

Create a single file called info.php and add a single line: <? phpinfo(); ?>

Save it and view it in a browser. It will give you full detail specs on how PHP is currently configured. At the top part it will state where it’s looking for/found the ini file.