Php4 install on VPS

Hi all,

Yes, I know it’s no longer supported by DH and generally not a good idea to run old scripts, but I’ve got a number of website that needs php4 to function, before they can be upgraded to be compatible with php5.


I’ve tried following the instructions shown here:

But it seems like php files are missing from the server side.

Can anyone help me what I need to do to get php4 enabled for a list of domains? I’ve never done this before and I really need help in trouble shooting this issue.

Thank you in advance!


It’s no longer possible. PHP 4 no longer builds correctly on the versions of Debian Linux we’re using, and the old version can’t connect to current versions of MySQL. It’s also known to be insecure.

PHP 4 is obsolete. We no longer support it. You will need to update your software to run under PHP 5, or replace it with software that is compatible.