Hi Everyone

I must admit I am new to php. I have just installed php via the one click method & everything went fine until I needed to delete the “install folder”. I logged in via FTP to the index but cannot delete the folder. I’d appreciate any assistance.



You did not install “php via the one click method”; you have most likely installed an application that runs under PHP.

From your description of the need to remove the installation folder, it sounds like you might have installed Joomla!. Is that the case?

If so, the exact steps (keystrokes) to use to delete the folder will vary from FTP client to ftp client - what FTP client program are you using to connect to you server?



Thanks for your reply. I used the dreamhost installer robot & followed the instructions emailed to me. Everything went fine & the forum is installed. I have accessed index via Dreamhost’s FTP.


Ah, you’ve installed PHPbb. Let us know if you run into any other snags.



Ok finally got it! Thanks to all who replied. I’m sure i’ll be crying out for help again in the future.

Thanks again!