Working on making things easier. I mean by remember when it was just html and you had to make a html document for each page. Well now since there is PHP you can use the include function to include the html files without the layout design. Just the content. Well I got all these html pages and it’s a pain in the ass to edited each one. Any suggestions what I can do to make life easier with php. Like I know if I was looking for a rating system I can search google how to make my own rating system. I just hate going in each html document and adding one thing which could be a link. Please help…


Thats kind of the point of php to help simplify the duplication of data.
Includes works great for a header, footer or any other section you know will be repeated. Using strings you can pass data to each section.
For example by putting the title of the page in a string that string can be passed to the header.
Since php is server side, it can change data depending on the user. For example php can change css data to reformat the page depending on the browser, what style the user selects, etc.
I recommend that you read about php on several web sites that have php tutorials, read the php manual on, even buy a few books. In the end it will be worth it in just the reduction of editing time alone, not to mention all the other benefits it will provide.
A list a part
html goodies
php freaks

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Thanks! Yeah I read about the footer, header, menu which is very useful. Well what Im doing is I have beats with it’s own html page. The layout and everything is php though. But the beats page would have a pic, name of beat, description of beat, price, and even a .swf preview of the beat. It took sometime to edited all the html pages cuz of course they all had something different. Than what Im trying to do is once I get that all solved I was gonna make a script to where it can do it automatically and will be pw protected. I wanna buy some books, but don’t know what kind. I really want to get advanced into php. I wanna be able to read a book than set it down and be able to do it. Im more advanced in the computer repair area. I can read a book and turn around and do it quick and even come up with better ways to approach it. That’s the type of book I wanna read. If anyone can please refer me a great book that would be great. The php manual is very useful, but for someone reason I can’t really get it. I don’t know. Maybe I just need to pay attention more or something. Thanks again and god bless.


Another option is server side includes (SSI).

They need more support help.
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I purchased most of my books from Amazon. Just found it simple to browse click and wait for ups. lol.
Anyways, I found the O’reilly books very helpful.
The books I have are:
Programming PHP
PHP Cookbook
Learning PHP 5
PHP Developer’s Cookbook by Sams
PHP Bible by Wiley
I ordered a book about every 2 to 3 months giving me time to go through them, try them out some then order the next one.
Now I need to get more, maybe after the holidays.

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I’ve always been a huge fan of the O’Reilly books, but I can’t recommend “PHP and MySQL Web Development” by Welling and Thomson highly enough. I bought a couple books when starting out with PHP/MySQL, and this is the only book I’ve ever ended up using.

Mine is the second edition but the current version is the third edition. I can’t see it being any worse than it’s predecessor though.

Ditto here. Got the reference books for PHP, SQL, JavaScript, and Cold Fusion. Never bought any of the more “cookbook” titles though.
The book referenced in the link looks like an interesting read though, even if just out of curiosity to see if some of the technique I use is similar to theirs.